I am a Reader and Writer. 

Which means, when I am not reading, I must be writing. And when I am not writing, I must be reading.

By reading and writing, I mean books, mostly. Check out my baby (Kalampedia) to know what I read and what I do with reading.

I am also obsessed with walking, conversing and contemplating the unending puzzles of this universe.

For a more formal – and boring – introduction, please read below:

Deepak Rana is a young Indian writer. He studied Engineering at NIT and was associated with Deloitte for over a year and a half before he quit his job and pursued full-time writing. He is a traveller who has been exploring India and spending most of the time with stranger souls that are walking stories and books by themselves. His flair for writing comes from a deep understanding of the human soul and emotions that are impalpable. His first book, Sky Beyond the Clouds, was well received by the readers as well as the critics. Deepak has made his mark as a young promising writer due to his keenly engaging storytelling style.

Contact: diipkrana@gmail.com

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