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Ridiculous Definitions


“A non-comprehensive guide to everything you already know.”

What is United States of America? Who is Narendra Modi? What is Love at First Sight?

You know the answers to these questions, but not in the most bizarre way, perhaps. Ridiculous Definitions does exactly that. Written over the last few years – thanks to author’s forgetfulness – the book will redefine many of the terms that you are already familiar with. 101 to be precise. Click here to get your copy. 


Oh Nationalism!

oh nationalism

Which one is the greatest nation in the world?

The answer is your nation. No matter which country you belong to, the governments and other political institutions will always tell you to remember this. But why do they do that? What is their intention behind spreading the idea of nationalism?

This essay gets into the details of nationalism, explaining the idea of a nation and subsequently criticising it for causing damage to humanity while working towards its own interests.

Oh Nationalism was released as a Kindle Book and it became a Kindle bestseller in within the first week of its release. You can find it here: Oh Nationalism!


Sky Beyond the Clouds

sky beyond the clouds_deepak rana_31-10-2013 (1)

Sky Beyond the Clouds is a reality fiction work. The protagonist is a young boy who makes it to the Indian Military, to accomplish the dream of his only companion – his grandfather. He makes new friends in the military world and excels in all the rigorous tests that they are all put through. But what awaits the boy who has always been a victim of destiny, is the worst test of his life.

He finds himself in a mystic valley, the only hope keeping him alive is that of being with a girl he has always admired. What got him into this valley? Would he be able to escape from the looming death? What has destiny in store for the boy who has always struggled in life?

This melancholic tale is a must read for fiction aficionados. The book was first released in 2013 and it received praise from all major newspapers. The book is available on all major online and offline bookstores.


Memoirs of Dreamers (Anthology)

cover‘Memoirs of Dreamers’ draws together incredible 31 true stories out of 2500 stories published in last 5 years. The introduction of each tale gives a rare glimpse into the complex mind of the author with finest storytelling skills.

Thrilling connections run through all the stories which will capture the minds of the readers and enhance their reading experience. The book is a combination of mind-boggling stories of different genres like Romantic, Suspense, Thriller, Philosophy, Adventure and more. You can find the ebook version here: Memoirs of Dreamers

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