News industry has paid a huge price in a modern society:
• Journalists are working for longer hours. This reflects in their work.
• Due to cut-throat competition, they are in a hurry and spend less time checking and verifying the smallest details. Result? Half-truths and lies are served. Readers/viewers are encouraged to verify themselves.
• Since, there is a constant pressure of clicks and readership, clickbait journalism is commonplace. Every story is served as if it is a matter of life and death. Journalists, who themselves seem to be struggling with anxiety, pass a lot of it to their audience.
• As the amount of content is huge and it is offered with a lot of panic, people often can’t make sense of news or decide which piece of information is of what importance.
• Due to the time constraints and large content, the quality of discussions has suffered enormously.
• The fundamental problem of offering what people want as opposed to what people need is taking media closer to adult-film industry than medicine or space technology.
• Ask anyone around you how reliable the media is and you will be disheartened to see the response. In fact, one should ask conservative audience about the reliability of news outlets with liberal bias and vice versa. That perspective is more important. Because that is the only thing we expected from news: that they will tell us the truth and we would believe them.
The above mentioned challenges offer an opportunity too. An opportunity to restructure how the news stories are created and curated. Let’s start this journey to create a better news.
Note: If you’re a journalist, writer, content creator, news enthusiast or anyone feels excited about this project, please drop me a message on explaining how you would like to contribute.
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