Is Democracy Good?

What is Democracy?

In simple terms, a democratic system is the one in which the majority – directly or indirectly – decides the course for society.

Is it good or bad?

That requires a lengthy analysis.

First of all, let’s be clear that Democracy adds stability to a system. Because of you keep ignoring the voice of majority, the majority might turn against the system and turn it upside down. It is very difficult to avoid this voice. We need to collectively work together. That does not mean we cannot raise questions. In fact, we should constantly enquire and try to find more effective ways of working collectively. This is one such attempt.

Day 1:

I will start from an intellectual point. Let’s talk about truth. I am not talking about the scientific or objective truth, but the subjective truth.

Consider this example. Some people eat meat and some people don’t. Those that do eat, they justify it by talking about the nutritional value and the bodily requirements. They also talk about the unfairness of plant based diets as plants are living beings too. So, according to them, eating vegetarian food is not much different from eating meat. Those that don’t eat, they justify their choice by talking about compassion. They say that they care about other beings’ sufferings. That they would not like to see a conscious creature getting killed for the sake of one meal.

Which choice is right and which one is wrong?

Is this even a question of right or wrong?

But we need to decide one way or the other. Especially when it comes to writing public policies, framing laws etc. At individual level, we may go by impulses (although I wouldn’t recommend that), but we cannot avoid these questions at collective level.

Same problem arises when we talk about capital punishment. Should we kill a person if they have committed a heinous crime? We will find reasons on both sides of the argument. But, which side is right? Or, is any side right?



(I will keep updating the discussion here)

Note: If you want to add your points to this discussion, please let me know. 

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