it happened one summer #3

Writer’s Note: If you are reading this story for first time, please check the older posts for the previous episodes. The new episode is published every week on saturday at 6 pm. Thank you for your time. Enjoy reading.

“Give me the key.” Dev asked Isha as they approached her bike(activa). His words sounded more like a command and she was not a kind of girl who would obey somebody’s command.

“Shut up, you fat mouth and sit on the back seat.” she said in a high pitch. 
“No way.” he almost shouted this time, “I have never sat like this before. It looks so gay, when you are sitting on the back seat and a girl is riding the bike.”
“Calm down, you faggot.” she said with a beautiful smile extending her lips to the maximum and then continued to speak very slowly word by word-“Doing something for the first time is fun. Come on debutant.” Girls are very skilled at convincing the opposite sex. In most cases just a smile does the trick; in others, they may have to enunciate few sweet words. 

 Dev silently walked and sat on the back seat. He smirked and said – “In couple of hours you have named me with half a dozen slangs. Don’t do it now.”

“Oh! you are such a baby.” she said in a sarcastic tone. Dev had started to enjoy her blithe nature now.

So there he was-sitting behind an eccentric girl who was riding rashly on the beautiful roads of Chandigarh on a day which was probably the most important for students from education point of view.

It was 12:30pm when they reached Sukhna lake. Isha parked the bike in the  no parking area, which Dev was already expecting. The crowd was small compared to other days in Sukhna lake. It was a hot day and quite obviously, not many people would have preferred to go outside.

“Ice cream?” Isha asked Dev as they walked by the ice cream parlour. He agreed instantly. She went over there and asked for two ice creams. Dev was standing few yards away and for the first time he observed her carefully.

 Her face was fair and chubby. She was wearing a light green top and a skin tight low waist blue jeans which perfectly suited on her medium height. She had a reasonably good figure but what Dev closely observed was her style of wearing jeans. Dev always loved the way a typical Chandigarh girl wore low waist jeans. They put it at such a waist height that it caused the gazers to remain in a state of intimacy or as Dev and his friends used to explain it- Not too high, not too low, you girls are crazy, make us dazy from head to toe. 

 “I scream, you scream for ice cream” Isha said waving the ice cream in front of his eyes while he was still lost in the previous thought. He smiled, took his ice cream and they ambled towards the lake. They kept
walking silently for some time.

“You know, it’s kind of funny that we are hanging out together and we do not know much about each other.” Isha started the conversation.

Dev glared at her for few seconds and said, “Isha, do you even listen to the other person? How can i tell about myself when you keep blabbering all the time?”. She looked down in resentment.

“Hey, don’t be sad. I did not intend to hurt you.” he added in order to comfort her. She giggled and it did not take him long to realize how easily she could fool anyone, or at least him. He laughed; that’s all he could do.

“I am really sorry for annoying you so many times today. Now please tell me about yourself.” she was sounding serious for the first time in the day. 

Dev smiled and said, “I live in sector 35 with my parents. I was born and brought up in Chandigarh and i really enjoy living here. One of the many things that i love is to play guitar and one of the few things that i hate is to study maths.”

“This is something common to us, i mean the second part-hating maths. I would like to hear your guitar someday. I also tried to learn it once and i failed terribly.” she laughed while telling this. She continued, “I am originally from Manali. I have been residing here in Chandigarh for the last two years with my relatives.”

“So now, will you be staying here or going back to Manali?” Dev asked curiously.

“I am leaving for Manali, next week. I will come back here on my birthday in July. I want to spend my birthday with my friends here.” she replied.

“And not with your family.” Dev interrupted and said, “Are you a cancerian too?”

“You also?” she exclaimed. They high fived. Sometimes we don’t realize how small things can make us happy. 

 “Isha, i envy you since you will be spending your summers with solitude in a beautiful place like Manali while i will be trapped in the heat.” Dev said to her once they had stopped laughing.

“You should not. There is a difference between solitude and loneliness.” suddenly she paled at some thought and Dev was almost sure that she was going to burst into tears.

He was right. She took a few steps and leaned over a tree. She covered her face with both her hands and cried. Dev approached her;he was not sure whether to talk to her or leave her alone. He kept quiet for some time and then asked, “Are you all right Isha?”

“Hmm” she said in a very low voice, wiping her eyes simultaneously.

He walked even further towards her and hugged her gently

“Dev, you don’t even know how to hug a girl.” she chuckled.

“Yes i know that i don’t know about it.” he said and looked in to her eyes. She looked happy now.

“What’s going on here?” suddenly there was a loud voice. They looked around. There were two policemen who were walking towards Dev and Isha.

“What’s going on?” one of the policemen repeated the question. “Young blood is dancing with desperation and thirst.” the other one said in a harsh tone.

“Sir, please don’t talk like that. What you are thinking is not true at all. We are just friends and came here after our exam got over.” Dev pleaded. Isha was completely frozen. She did not even know what was happening to them.

Dev kept appealing but none of them listened to him. Cops everywhere around the world are unemotional but in India they are irrational too. That can cause serious troubles sometimes. They clasped Dev and Isha’s arms and forcibly took them towards the police jeep. People were giving weird expressions to the teenagers as if they had committed a crime. Dev was shouting while Isha appeared to be in a state of prostration. She could not even cry anymore.

The policemen put them in the jeep and headed towards the police station. It all was happening on 
the day of JEE.

 to be continued…

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