Little Moments of Happiness

That little moment of happiness
When i partially wake up ten minutes
 before my alarm clock
and relish the tender feeling of comfort, before
someone actually wakes me up with a stroke.

Fleeing the bed is not as simple as it seems,
I look at the calendar with one eye closed,
while the other gleams.
“Sunday it is”- quietly i realize, and find
the happiness in small surprise.

That little moment of happiness
When I am walking in a busy market.
Everyone looks so happy and i wonder
Where to go with my empty basket?

As i cross a shop, a mirror catches my sight
Suddenly the crowd disappears, my image appears bright.
“You look good”- i tell myself, and walk across route 04.
World hasn’t appeared so perfect, ever before.

That little moment of happiness
When my best friend understands my facial expressions,
i don’t utter a single word yet she recognizes
All the confessions.

And when we are in a group of many more,
We talk so much less, but our eyes talk so much more
From inside i feel the joy,
the joy of friendship and true world.

That little moment of happiness
When the girl with brown eyes and fair skin,
Walks by my side, and looks at me with
that pretty grin.

Neither i understand the reason, nor i want to…
All i wish is to be there in the moment of ecstasy,
And find the real delight in this world, Or
In my world of dreams and fantasy.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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