Where the roads diverge…

If time tests you and shows you two paths,

One leading to the dreams of future and other to the

memories of precedent…

Don’t choose any and take a different path

Which takes you to the present and tells you

to live in the moment.

If career tests you and offers you two paths,

One leading to the joy of success and other to the

agony of the frustration…

Don’t choose any and walk on a different path

Which leads you to the excellence and makes you

a man of perfection.


If the world tests you and presents you two paths

One to the work full of efforts and other to the

life of some respite…

Don’t choose any and make a different path

Where you do nothing else,

But live your life.

If emotions test you and ask you to choose from two paths

One goes to the melody of happiness and other to the

Shades of the sadness…

Don’t choose any and go to a different path

Which has nothing but selflessness.

If judgment tests you and questions you to choose from two paths,

One of appreciating others and other about

Criticize them severely enough…

Don’t choose any and take a different path,

A different path of – love.

If destiny tests you and suggests you to choose a path

One directing to a good luck charm and other where

torments are plenty…

Don’t choose any and accept a different path,

Which will take you to a world

full of uncertainty.

If God tests you and grants you two paths,

One that of a life to your body and other to

Death to free your soul…

Don’t choose any and pray for a different path,

It is the path of divine, that would lead you

To the God.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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