July 22, 2007… I still remember that day when i first entered NIT Kurukshetra. It was sunday afternoon and temperature was up around 42 degree; No wonder i was sweating like a pig. As i entered in my room in Hostel-3, i saw three gentlemen(first yearites) sitting on the floor and enjoying the puff of cigarette. I was disquieted and based on my observation i inferred that “Journey ahead won’t be easy”. But the days went by and somehow i started liking the place. The more i got to know the college the more i liked it. Today it’s March 10, 2011 and i still wonder how i started admiring the sanctity of Kurukshetra and loving the tranquility of NIT.

May be it was because of frost January which made it possible to enjoy the laxity, or the facile end semester exams which helped me to develop certain interests (obviously other than studies). They say “don’t be serious in life”; a college where 90% courses are ineffectual in the long terms and remaining 10% are dysfunctional, you never have to be serious. The freedom that one enjoys at NITKKR is hilarious. I remember a scenario when the first and second yearites showed up for a strike just because the last night there was a power cut.

We understand that variety is the spice of life and i had never seen such diversified culture before(nor i’ll see again) as i saw in NIT. As our batch is the last one of its type(with state quota), i’m sure our juniors will miss a great time that we saw. The time when karnataka prodigies used to rule trivia, the time when Bengali geniuses surprised everyone, the time when Orrisa GT proved that they are twice better than NRIs(atleast when it comes to CGPA), the time when we saw beautiful smiles from all the seven states of north east, and the time when Bihar and UP GTs celebrated every occasion with 90s love songs. That time, i’m pretty sure won’t come back again. The story at NIT goes on from Andhra GT(i use the term “queer” whenever i talk about Andhra boys) to Faridabad GT(the real FRAUDIES who consider themselves ROADIES). The girls were few but the aura of romanticism was immense. Though most of the boys quit finding a girl after first year but Rajasthan GT didn’t give up till final year(hunt still going on).

There was almost no palatableness in the mess food, but khokha chai never let me feel that. Although the bathrooms used to stink but now i’m getting used to them. It’s time to move on but i don’t feel like. I want to come back and breathe the same air i had once breathed, enjoy the same freedom that i once enjoyed, meet the same people that i found here. Till then Good Bye NIT Kurukshetra.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.


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