No one is working ; is it Social Networking ?

As i sat and put my pen to the paper, I just closed my facebook page; musing on a status which says “A” is in a relationship and it’s complicated with some twenty odd likes and even more comments from B, C, …Z (even A)

They say facebook is the most popular website; i prefer calling it the most rampant addiction. Let me start with a story. It’s about Naman who is an engineering student. He gets up little late in the morning and the first thing that comes to his mind is…”How many comments would i have got on last night’s status message”. He rushes to the  breakfast table and finishes quickly. Then he goes back to his room, turns on his PC and checks the updates.  If there are interesting comments, he feels quite happy and satisfied. Next in the college he observes everything, asks his friends about the latest gossips and search for funny things around the campus; all this is just for the sake of new status. In the mean time, he doesn’t miss any chance to capture some photos. Every time he takes a photo he and his friends talk about the comments they might be getting when they will upload these photos on facebook. If he still doesn’t get a new status, he decides to go by the usual …had a terrible lunch,,,or ,,the classes really suck…or even,,,nice sunshine outside (yes nice sunshine, everyone knows that). This is still not over. Late in the night when he’s tired of stalking others profiles, he puts a controversial status, seeking attention which ofcourse he gets within minutes.

If you are reading this, you are most likely to be a student. Just think about your lifestyle and check how closely it resembles with that of Naman. Now one might argue that everyone have got their personal lives and it’s their choice to do whatever they want. Second thing, social networking is not a bad thing at all. So, I would like to mention that i’m not against anyone’s wishes. All I’m trying to say is that this is the time to think and realize what you might be missing in your life by sticking to your homepage. Secondly, the social networking is a wonderful thing. In fact nothing else in this world gives more pleasure than finding and knowing new people, listening to your loved ones and sharing your thoughts with others but then if you really want to do all this then go and talk to people instead of stalking them online,  chatting indirectly through comments.

Most of us have few hundred friends(obviously facebook friends) and many of them are strangers to us offline. They send us the friend requests, yet they are hesitant to say hello. They like our status, photos but they hardly like us. They comment on our profile but they never utter  a word from mouth. They ping us on facebook chat, but they never call. They send LOLs/Smileys but they don’t even look at our face while passing by. Is this the todays social networking all about? Is it fair when your lover is happier when you write “miss u” on her wall, instead of telling her in person? Is it?

On one side, social networking sites enable us to widen our circle, on the other they weaken it. They help us to connect to our friends, but then all we do is “stay connected”, nothing else. I should thank facebook because it’s only because of it that you’re reading this. At the same time I should curse it because it’s because of facebook that you’re otherwise not available to understand my views. In the beginning I talked about addiction. Yes it is and in case you find any solution, do reply because the writer too is addicted.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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