And I Turned Blue…

There was a time,

when birds sang a song,

“get up, get up,

the day is not so long”.

In the air,

there was a fragrance,

a fragrance of love,

and of allegiance.

The blush was magical,

when the sun used to set;

And when the rains poured,

turned me perky, made me wet.

Today when I look back,

I realize, it was a past.

I sit alone, think of morrow,

may be I’m aghast.

I see the birds and wonder,

why do I have to spare?

I hear their songs, then,

suddenly I don’t care.

Now sun is just

an orb of fire.

And about the beauty,

I have no desire.

Today, if the rains pour,

Will wet myself I swear.

Not to dance in it,

but to hide…that falling tear.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

12 thoughts on “And I Turned Blue…

  1. jaise jaise college khatam ho raha hai, tu exponentially senti hue jaa raha hai….naa putt…plzzzzz naa :pps: ever thought of publishing ur work…we'll have 2 poets, 1 geek, 1 sexual offender, 1 controversially himachali and well, me in punjab gt then


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