India: the desi tadka

This is a simple post; i am writing this from the observations that i made here and there. I am listing down the ten funny things about India or the Indians:

  • The Americans feel insecure about their education when they compare it with India. They have one MIT in Massachusetts; We have MIT in every city whose name starts with “M”.
  • We shout on streets with slogans and posters- “a woman of Italian origin has no right to serve this nation” and when Bobby Jindal rules a state of USA, we say- “Wow! we are so proud.” Shouldn’t we be proud of those Americans who gave him the opportunity.
  • We hate Australians for being racists. In our own country, we call few people “Chinky” and we have quota based on castes, races and religions. 
  • In a country where Sports = Cricket, with more than a billion people and almost same number of cricket experts we have won the world cup only twice in the history of the game. That too when World = 8-10 countries.    
  • Talking about cricket, we disapprove our cricketers during their play. If they lose a game, we throw stones at their houses but when they are going to retire, we cry.
  • Vatsyayana wrote Kamasutra before the people in the western world got a calendar but we don’t like western people for their openness about sex. Apparently, harassment and molestation is better than open sex.
  • We all start staring at a girl if there is even 1mm gap between her top and the jeans but if there’s 6 inches gap in case of sarees we call that traditional. 
  • Right from the childhood we are told not to talk to strangers and one day we are asked to sleep with them (arrange marriages).
  • In some rural parts, Burqa/Pardah tradition is there for women. Same women attend the nature’s call in open as they cannot afford toilets. What’s the point of Burqa then?
  • People study so hard in school to get good grades. Then it appears that studying for grades is a hurdle in entrance exams preparation. Then they struggle to get in to good engineering college. Then it appears that the college education was a waste as most of them end up in similar industry. Soon, they start preparing for IIMs and they realize that even the JEE/AIEEE preparation was a waste as they have disadvantage being engineer as per the IIMs selection criteria. After doing MBA (which takes everything out of them), they realize that even the management degree was entirely overrated. That’s when they realize they have made so many wrong decisions at important stages. But it’s too late. That’s the story of successful middle class people. What a tragedy!

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

8 thoughts on “India: the desi tadka

  1. Awesome observation with just the right proportion of every aspect of the so called "Diverse " India . You have hit the nail on the head . Hope this becomes the light bulb moment for people .


  2. bohot achha likha hai bhai specially about our thinking inhibitions on the topic "WOMEN",forgive me if I used the word topic for the fairer sex but its true,we have to free ourselves from our inhibitions!!


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