I’m in Imperfections

I see a broken wine bottle on the subway, and immediately, my heart starts to ache. It must have gone through a lot, I wonder. And now–does anyone care about it? Some curse it and call it insidious, but my aching heart tells me that its agonies are far worse. As I lay my eyesContinue reading “I’m in Imperfections”

देशभक्त बनो बुड़बक

  Proud feel करो.   किसलिए?   किसलिए पूछते हो? मूर्ख, देश के लिए, और किसके लिए?   महात्मा गाँधी के लिए?   नहीं, वो तो मुसलमानो का चमचा था.   टैगोर?   अंग्रेजों का पिठलग्गु था वो…   नेहरू?   उसी के तो कीड़े हैं ये सब.   इंदिरा गाँधी?   पगला गए होContinue reading “देशभक्त बनो बुड़बक”

Oh Religion!

The world (well, most of it) is aspiring for peace today, but there are a few people who remain enthusiastic about killing in the name of religion, and they have their reasons too. Let us have a look at that. If we start our discussion with a belief system that has ceased to exist today, Aztecs wouldContinue reading “Oh Religion!”

Why I want to leave India

Do you want to stay in India? I have often asked myself this question and I have never got a single answer to it. But with time, it seems, my confusion is getting resolved. Let me start with where I come from. I come from a small village in Himachal Pradesh, which does not evenContinue reading “Why I want to leave India”

Oh Nationalism!

It was a sweltering afternoon, when I stood next to the gigantic gates of Wagah Border – an enthralling place which separates the two nations: India and Pakistan. My watch, already soused with sweat, displayed 3 pm, which meant I was still two hours away from the glorious Wagah Border Ceremony and was supposed toContinue reading “Oh Nationalism!”

5 Lessons to Learn from Asaram Bapu Case

Asaram Bapu has long been a part of the controversies, but it was only a few days back when the first time, criminal charges were framed against him. No doubt he is a religious leader and when it comes to religious matters we are expected to show certain degree of reverence but the fact isContinue reading “5 Lessons to Learn from Asaram Bapu Case”

Unforgotten Indianness In Forgotten India

Quite recently, I have started noticing that most Indians have become over-conscious and over-enthusiastic about the whole idea of nationalism. If you mention United States, people would ask you to think about India first. Talk about your own state within India, they would tell you that India comes first and then the states. Even whenContinue reading “Unforgotten Indianness In Forgotten India”

Words of Wisdom – Quran

Quran – is a source of great wisdom and the knowledge that it offers is immense. Although our inability to read Arabic text prevents us to understand it in the best way possible, yet we can try to learn a number of things even from the translated versions. Reading Quran requires great deal of effortContinue reading “Words of Wisdom – Quran”

Knowledge Or illusion?

In case you have watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire, perhaps you remember the scene where the inspector mocks Jamal for not knowing – what is written underneath the national emblem of India? The inspector says even his five years old daughter could answer that question, but not Jamal. Jamal responds by asking a simple questionContinue reading “Knowledge Or illusion?”

Oh! Womaniya

There are two types of men – those who harass women, and those who silently witness the act of the former. This statement may appear too feminist but it makes a lot of sense in the kind of society we live in. In fact we have got so accustomed to this male dominating society, thatContinue reading “Oh! Womaniya”

Why Gurgaon is Special !!

It is quite rare when you tell the people about the growth and development of their city and they refuse to believe it. This is the story of Gurgaon, where the city has grown tremendously, without informing the state or its residents. Gurucharan Das in his book “India Grows at Night” has rightly presented theContinue reading “Why Gurgaon is Special !!”

Wake up India: If not now, when?

Scene 1: A young couple is traveling in a bus around midnight near South Delhi. They are going home after watching a movie. Delhi looks different in the night and so is the mindset of the people. The girl appears panicked as a group of drunk men sitting in the bus is making her feelContinue reading “Wake up India: If not now, when?”

Express Yourself, But Don’t Look at Me…

I remember the time when i was a kid- very shy and introvert. And people around me would encourage me to be more expressive. Few years later, i wasn’t shy anymore. This time people encouraged me to be more artistic. And now when i see the artists around me trying to express their thoughts, iContinue reading “Express Yourself, But Don’t Look at Me…”

India: the desi tadka

This is a simple post; i am writing this from the observations that i made here and there. I am listing down the ten funny things about India or the Indians: The Americans feel insecure about their education when they compare it with India. They have one MIT in Massachusetts; We have MIT in everyContinue reading “India: the desi tadka”