it happened one summer #1

As Dev unfurled the question paper, a feeling of nervousness and fear traveled through his mind. Not because he had even slight expectation of clearing the exam but because of the simple fact that it was JEE-2009. The words IIT and JEE are enough to cause distress in the growing minds of this country. Without any delay, he started reading the questions and simultaneously solving them. It was dead silence in the hall now. After solving few questions, suddenly Dev looked at the ceiling and thought- “Ahh crap. I won’t make it.”

He smiled secretly and started drawing his favorite smiley faces on the question paper.

“No one in this world expects me to get in to an IIT, then why should I?” he said to himself and put his pencil on the desk.

He heard a laughter and looked back. A fair girl with red cheeks and a mysterious smile was sitting behind him.

“Sshh” there was immediate reaction from the invigilator. He looked exasperated.

There was silence again. After five minutes, Dev turned to his right and asked the girl in a low voice- “What was so funny about that?”

“Every single fool on this earth makes me laugh.” she replied and cleared her throat.

“Excuse me!” Dev exclaimed. His voice was slightly up. This time the invigilator walked up to them and warned them.

“Do not utter a single word now.” Dev said to her, once the invigilator had left their desks.

The girl chuckled and Dev passed her a rude look.

“Hey” she said and paused for a while until Dev whispered-“Now what?”

“When we know we are not going to get selected let’s just get out of this hell.” she said.

“We can’t go outside before the schedule, don’t  you know bimbo? ” He was eagerly waiting to say something bitter to her.

She chuckled again and Dev enjoyed it too. She was not that rude, he thought. He looked around. Everyone was so seriously focused on the paper.

Time just passed and Paper I got over. There was a short break before Paper II would begin. The invigilator collected all the papers and everyone walked outside the hall. Most of them were discussing the questions. Dev looked at the girl with a smiling face. She glanced at him, stood up from the desk and starting walking outside mumbling something. He was awkwardly staring at her. She stopped at the door, turned back and said, – “Come on. Still want to stay in the hell, you dumb ass? “

To be continued…

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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