it happened one summer #2

Dev started walking towards the girl who was making different faces and expressions in order to tease him. He had never seen such an impudent girl and he liked her naughtiness. Both of them started heading outside. The noise level was high in the corridors as students’ endless discussions were at the peak.

“Why are you panicked? You were not going to clear JEE anyway.” she said to a random boy in the corridors, who looked upset.

He looked at her in dismay and so did Dev but she had walked few steps before the boy could respond.

“How could you be so mean to him?” Dev asked her. They were still walking in the corridors. The poor boy was left somewhere behind in the crowd.

“That’s who Isha is…” she replied and rushed towards the window.

“Isha, who Isha?” he murmured. She was already playing with a puppy near the window before Dev realized her name was Isha.

She picked the puppy up in her arms and turned towards Dev. He was closely observing her hands as they inched across the puppy’s ears.

“Hello Dev. I am Isha.” she pretended as if she was talking to puppy.

For a moment Dev thought that she was trying to ridicule him but he could not control his laughter. She was funny and he had to accept it. He still had to figure it out what kind of person she was but at the moment, he was enjoying her company. Finally they reached outside near the sports ground but it was the time to go back for Paper II. The break was coming to an end.

Dev was walking straight, lost in his thoughts until he heard Isha chanting something. He looked at her and listened carefully-

This lovely day will lengthen in to evening,
We’ll sigh good-bye to all we’ve ever had,
Alone where we have walked together,
I’ll remember April and be glad

He loved her expressions when she was singing, not so her voice. She stopped singing and looked at him. “Nice song it is. I love it. By the way, this is April too.” she said and smiled.

“Are you trying to flirt with me?” he asked. For the first time his voice appeared confident.

“No. The flirt would be if I ask you to skip the Paper II and go to Sukhna lake in this beautiful weather.” she replied quickly. Certainly, she was smart, witty and irresistibly appealing.

“You cannot be serious.” Dev replied. His eyes were widened.

“Yes, I am.”

Both of them gazed at each other for few seconds, picked their bags and started running towards the exit gate. They shouted- “We will remember April…”

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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