Imagining a new future

We all feel great working in a MNC and we tend to enjoy the comfort and facilities there. In one and a half year’s corporate world experience one question kept troubling me- Who I am working for? This was not just about me, so many people around kept asking the same question. And what I have concluded from the observations I made that -during the initial part of your career you are dazzled by the hefty salaries and big brand names. But as the time passes you start asking yourself- Is this what you really want to do? Is your work making any impact on others or is it just a formality you are doing to collect the paycheck by the end of the month? This often leads to poor job satisfaction as one gets more experienced. And this was where I did not want to land.
I always had a curiosity about the education sector and the career choices we(the Indians) make. From my experience in an engineering college and then corporate world I have realized that most of us make poor career decisions because of our ignorance and lack of career guidance. I strongly believe that right career choices made at important stages have a huge impact not just on your career but also your life. This thought and vision encouraged me to leave a lucrative job and start working for MeraCareerGuide (– a leading career guidance platform. All the team members are highly motivated and are always open to fresh ideas. On a personal level, this is quite an amazing  experience for me as the fellow members are keen to listen and implement new innovative techniques.

I think working in a start up is going to be different for me and also extremely valuable one. In a start up setting you have to work for everything. There are no boundaries of your work. The sense of responsibility is more and hence the growth. In a day’s time I have realized the fact that if you work in a start up you don’t work for your boss. Instead you work for a combined vision of the organization. You don’t need any external reason to be motivated, you’re naturally driven from inside.
Now every day brings new challenges, new quests and I tackle them every minute every second. An organization  where work is not a work but a challenge combined with fun, I am optimistic about the tremendous growth of MeraCareerGuide in the near future. As I start my sail in the ship of MeraCareerGuide, I feel excited and hopeful about my success along with the ship. 

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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