A culture i was proud of…

A journey that started in the month of June 2011 has ended now. And as I say good bye to Deloitte with a distressful mind, uncountable memories flash through my mind. The heart manifests a bittersweet feeling. Sweet- because it was my call to leave this guarded nest of obligation and fly freely subjectively. Bitter- because… Well, in case you’re a Deloittian you are the reason i don’t want to leave this place.

When i look back, i remember an extremely cautious guy entering a gigantic hall of more than thousand professionals, all are polished in expensive business formals. At first he finds the atmosphere a bit clumsy but soon he realizes it’s exactly the opposite. As he converses with the other newly hired professionals, he finds each one of them genial and the whole session now becomes an auspicious one.

That’s right- this was I in Welcome To Deloitte (W2D) and as the session progressed I had pictured myself playing the game of Consulting in the corridors of this amazing workplace. By the end of W2D, I had seen the brightest and the most ingenious minds. They all were here, they all were the part of this big entity – Deloitte.

One year and five months- that is my experience in Deloitte and of course in corporate world. It passed too quickly like the blink of an eye. But during this time, I have learnt ample things and created invaluable memories that will accompany me forever no matter wherever I go or whatever I do.

One of the greatest(and probably the only) lessons that I have learnt here is that- people are the greatest assets of any organization. And each one of them is significant no matter what position they hold. Treat every individual with great respect and dignity. If you’re only licking your Boss’s shoes and showing no or little affection to those who are at same level or below, you are in deep trouble. Networking- the term I heard almost every day but never really understood its importance until today. The networking thread of Deloitte had so many unique gems tied to it in a special way. The more gems you add to the thread, more valuable you become. Remember this- without others, your existence has no purpose.

There are unlimited opportunities in this lucrative entity. It’s up to you how, when and in what manner you make use of those opportunities to climb the corporate ladder. Smart work and not the hard work will be the key to solve the mystery of growth as a professional. If I were to summarize the crucial ingredients of successful corporate career in Deloitte- talent, hard-work and brilliance will not make in to the list. Leave these terms in your respective schools and colleges. Networking, smart-work, enthusiasm, team-spirit and people management skills will be the key ingredients.

Today, I feel optimistic about my flight in the world of uncertainty and dreams. This is what Deloitte has given me in the last one and half year- Attitude. An attitude to conquer my fears, to see dreams and dare to make them true, to connect with every individual around me and to be proud of myself who I am today. I will always be thankful to Deloitte for teaching me great lessons of life through good and bad experiences and in the end they all added to an enriching journey which has ended now. The ending as it always does, has made me sad today.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

One thought on “A culture i was proud of…

  1. Sir, Today i read your 2-3 articles and able to know that you are really too much creative. Before this i just know that you people(manish,abhijeet,khangta,etc) are too good in your work and you people are too much hardworking.Gud work… keep it up 🙂


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