Coolest jobs have arrived India- Go 2013

If I ask you the reason behind working on your current job and you reply with usual answer “Money”, that would be utterly absurd. Had it been 20th century, I might have accepted that. But guess what, this is 2013. It’s the time when jobs are all about having fun. I am not particularly against those who want to make money. But if you are trapped in your job for the sake of money, it’s a mistake. Having said that, it doesn’t mean there’s not enough money in jobs. In fact there’s more money than there has ever been before. The idea is to get the salary along with amusing and exciting time at work place. If you are willing to have fun and to avoid a blood sucking job, keep reading. Based on the conversations that I have had with some of the top (and coolest) entrepreneurs, I am going to tell you about the coolest jobs that have arrived India in the recent times.

It’s highly important that you get yourself in the shoes of today’s job scenarios. The worst mistake that you can make is to compare your job with that of your parents’ or anyone who worked in twentieth century. Today the only constant thing is – change. The other mistake that you can make is to think that you would be in the same job or field till your retirement. Please, don’t do that. Else that will be a huge hurdle in your career growth in the next few years. The present and future careers will not require long resume or inflated degrees. They want smartness, street smartness. Nothing else. Mind you these jobs will pay you more than you can expect from a traditional job. Keeping these things in mind, let’s talk about some of the marvelous jobs that are already in place and expected to grow in the coming times.

1. Social Media Manager: Are you addicted to facebook, twitter, youtube and similar platforms? Do you have that ecstatic feeling being active on social media? And do you know what it takes tSocial Media Managero engage with your friends and other audience on internet? Well, if your answer is yes- you are ready for this wonderful job of Social Media Manager. All it requires is to be familiar with internet and answering the above three questions brilliantly and channelize the online platforms to benefit your business. It’s fun right? Wait, there are additional benefits. One gets to make frequent contacts with the whole world online and there’s every possibility of getting fame online. And as you grow with your network, so does your salary. The initial salary might not be that high still it’s close to that of average software engineers but the opportunities are huge.

2. Travel Expert: You might say that they have existed since forever, there’s nothing new about it. Yes they did, but the context has changed, a lot. Today’s travel consultants don’t keep sitting in the air conditioned rooms and their salaries are not as limited as they used to be. Today, the travel consultants keep traveling all the time.


They keep a tablet or a laptop with themselves which connect them with the world. They travel to the places where not many have been before. And that’s where the USP comes from. It’s almost mandatory for a travel expert to be a good photographer and a reasonably good writer. That’s all, no specific degree is required. One needs to be a good explorer with excellent communication skills and huge passion for traveling. Imagine you will get to see a different world every day at work. Depending on your work and caliber you may end up doing a TV show for a reality channel or writing in travel magazine. Let’s see how far you can go.

3. Corporate Teacher: This is one job where your educational degree will play a major role in deciding your starting salary. That is more likely to happen if you want to start your career with a big organization. Corporate-Training-TSCorporate teachers are the ones who are expert in their own domains and who want to share their knowledge with corporate employees. This is one of the highest paying jobs in the current scenario. The background education of a corporate teacher may vary from humanities to engineering to finance depending on the training that one will be indulged in. As a corporate teacher you only have to teach adults and hence makes it much more interesting and interactive. Again the best thing is the fun that you will have during the sessions. You get a chance to meet new people, visit new places, do new experiments whatever you want, and all that pays you. Can’t get better, right?

4. Jingle Writer: Forget about your degree. What matters here is – your creativity, sense of music and combine these two to write catchy lines and create a jingle.Woman's Fingers on Digital Piano Keys

With an immense increase in the number of commercials being shown on TV or internet, the ad makers are eager to bring fresh ideas and therefore there’s huge need for such talent. You have to be creative enough to come up with captivating taglines, songs, parodies and tunes. The starting salary in this job may be low but as you learn the Mantra of jingles, there will be too many dollars waiting for you.

5. Free Lance Jobs: Don’t want to keep hanging with a job and looking to work on your own? Fair enough, a number of free lance jobs are waiting for you- just identify your talent and sell it.


You may be a writer, tutor, a techie – designing their own apps, researcher, adviser or basically anything. You will provide services to your clients and deal with them directly. You may have huge works sometimes and you may have nothing at all. But you will be your own boss. This may give certain type of insecurity to certain people. If you are one of them , then switch to traditional jobs. But the free lance jobs are trending like never before. There is huge money that one can make in such jobs. You need to utilize the opportunities and work smartly. What matters most is to have a web of network around yourself, that alone will be sufficient to provide you the right opportunities.

“I think Career is a 20th Century Invention, and I don’t want one.” – a quote from In to the Wild tells how important it is to switch to the freedom and joy from the typical monotonous jobs. This is the time to make a change. You are the architect of your own career. Design it well in 2013.

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