7 Things That Kids Teach Us



  1. Curiosity. They are always keen to learn new things and discover novel facts. This helps them to learn – new language, music, culture, value system at a faster pace than any adult person.
  2. Stay happy for no reason. If you need a reason to be happy, you are already on the wrong path. And if something makes you feel bad, then feel bad, react over it, but never keep grudges inside.
  3. Creativity. One thing I have observed is that every kid is far more creative than an average adult. This is due to the three key factors– kids are rarely afraid of being wrong, they do not follow a set pattern in their thoughts and they are imaginative and go beyond their knowledge to come up with a solution.
  4. Do not worry about accomplishments. As we grow up, accomplishments and success become important parameters for us. Unfortunately these are also the reasons that stop us from achieving excellence. As we become more end oriented in our approach, we forget to get the joy in work and seek it only in luxuries and comforts.
  5. Keep your egos down. This is again something that often grows with age. If you want to learn from other people and work with them, to contribute in a better way, you cannot afford to carry your egos along with yourself.
  6. Do not judge people. Judging people is an act of fools. Never do it. It will throw you in the land of troubles and you will have a hard time dealing with people. Love them for who they are and appreciate them. Work towards your own development not others.
  7. Live in the present. Past is gone, you have little control over future. Live in the moment and give your best to every moment. Every day. You will have a perfect life.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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