An Elusive Place Called Happiness

A lot of people seem to believe that poor people are unhappy. Clearly, these people have no idea about poverty, or happiness for that matter. On the contrary, if you look at rich people’s lives, you will find that the richer you are, the more difficult it is to have a life of fulfilment. Especially,Continue reading “An Elusive Place Called Happiness”

Our Obsession with Perfection

Beauty and perfection cannot go together. Think about the things or people you love the most. Do you love the fact that they are perfect in every sense or do you cherish the little (imperfect) things that only they have and no one else? You know the answer, don’t you? However, in the modern times,Continue reading “Our Obsession with Perfection”

7 Things That Kids Teach Us

  Curiosity. They are always keen to learn new things and discover novel facts. This helps them to learn – new language, music, culture, value system at a faster pace than any adult person. Stay happy for no reason. If you need a reason to be happy, you are already on the wrong path. AndContinue reading “7 Things That Kids Teach Us”