A Lost Family

Their lips enveloped each other and the tongues cavorted, while trying to savor their lust which was urging for more.

Their hands clasped, their feet worked against the friction caused by the sweats of their bodies and they pushed each other hard.

The clothes were a part of history now and the naked bodies were doing what they were supposed to do. The window was partially open and the passage of air coming through it, was offering them another reason to shiver. And the trembling bodies lusted even more.

I was witnessing all that from the corner of that window. I smirked. The reason was my mysterious thoughts which were dancing inside my mind.

They were a married couple for twelve long years but the love making hadn’t lost its charm. The bed was shaking vigorously, making scratchy sounds while stroking against the floor. Even more prominent sound in the room was of their groans and the occasional shouts and screams.

“Come on… push me… screw me harder…” she was pleading with joy and pain. He was responding by shaking his head and forcing himself onto her, deeper and fiercer.

“You have learnt new moves during my business trip.” He said while he was panting.

“Shut up.”

“Oh yeah… I just…”

And he continued till the time his ageing organs allowed.

The struggle ended with the obvious and their bodies remained stuck to each other. They would have had more of it, or the gentle love making or a romantic talk. But they didn’t.

A scream from the other room terrified them. They knew it straight away that it was that of their daughter – Nicky. Both of them rushed out of the bedroom in their half naked bodies. As they entered Nicky’s room and turned on the lights, it shook them to death.

There was no Nicky in the room. But there were bloodstained clothes of her on the bed that she was wearing the last evening. I loved that taste when I chopped her skin and sucked the red fluid that was underneath. But they had no clue what was going on. That terrifying look on their face was bringing content in my heart.

“No…” they shouted as they realized the possibility of the cruelest event that could happen.

The wife without any delay started crying. The husband who was still keeping his hopes alive, rushed towards the telephone.

“Damn it…” he said in a frustrated voice and banged the telephone on the floor. Of course I had managed to cut the line. There was no other way they could connect to the outside world. And then there was a car, whose tyres were punctured. No need to tell who did that. So when he realized that there was no way he could get out of his house, he did nothing but yelled in frustration. But a bigger trouble was waiting for him when he got out of the car and came back to his wife.

And she was dead.

Her head was crushed to the pieces and was no longer identifiable. But it was her, he knew that. Of course no need to tell, who did that. It had happened only five minutes back, but if the room was not soundproof, he could have tried to save her. He wouldn’t have succeeded though.

He was devastated, and rightly so, he had lost his family, in no time. I could see him kneeling down, crying, and yet not being able to express his emotions. I moved towards him, slowly and carefully, from behind. He was unaware about what was going to happen to him next. I had a long iron rod in my hands. As I took stance to hit the back of his head, he turned. And he got couple of seconds to see who I was, and therefore instead of the back of his head, the face had to bear the torment. And the result was same.

After that I jumped off the window. I had done what I intended to.

Only the next morning when the servant came to the house, the news spread. Those who saw the dead bodies could not believe their eyes. The investigation began too. But never ever they could find any evidence or even a slight clue about it. Perhaps I was a smart killer.


It happened fifteen years back but the memories are still fresh to me. It was the first time my brutal behavior slain a life, but not the last. And every time someone asks me – Nicky don’t you miss your family?  I smirk.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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