In An Unreal Realm #2

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Part 2:

She was wrapped in a fluffy piece of cloth. The unusual white dress glittered mystically, but even more peculiar was the glow of her skin. The vibrations of enchantment were spurting out of her uncovered body parts, above those perfectly filled breasts and below those appealing thighs. In between the white cloth was secretly hiding what every man desires to see.

Simplicity defines the highest measures of beauty. And this was simplicity in its most authentic form, and hence the beauty. The sorcery of her sheer beauty was so powerful that I had completely forgotten the gloomy realm around me – the realm that appeared unreal. I could constantly sense the intonation of the insects that resonate such sounds at night. But they were not there; in my remembrance no one was there. It was me and it was her. And I was still crying, I noticed.


She kept contemplating at my face for a while. I was glaring at her and crying at the same time. She moved closer. My feeble mind was expecting her to wipe my tears with her trembling hands. But she did not. Instead she kept standing there, in a perplexed state of mind, just like me. Her brown eyes were signifying intimate thoughts, at least I conjectured that.

Our eyes met. Our hearts spoke to each other in a language which neither of us knew. It was the language of love. And this was the third lesson that I learnt – When love doesn’t find any language to express itself, it creates its own. And there’s nothing and no one more powerful than love.

She held my hand and took me towards a road, which was non-existent until now, or perhaps I hadn’t noticed.


Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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