I Am A Liar

Let me tell you something about myself: I am a compulsive liar. I lie for no reason. I lie all the time, every day. For example, if you ever meet me and ask ‘where are you going’, I will say anything but the real answer. It’s more fun, that way. Maybe because, truth is mostly specific, and hence static, whereas a lie can travel anywhere in the universe of your imagination. Now, an interesting question arises here: whether I am lying here as well? Well, you can decide by yourself, or even judge, I won’t stop you. I will still go ahead and make my point.

All of us were raised and educated with certain values, which taught us to speak the truth. You know what? It was a lie. Truth is not important. Who decides what is important? We, right? Wait, you or I? If there is single truth I know about this world, it’s that no one likes to hear the truth. People prefer to hear what comforts them. You would not like to work for a boss who constantly tells you how to do a particular job perfectly. You are more likely to marry a person who keeps telling you that you are beautiful. And everyone does that. Is everyone beautiful? Well, that’s hard to decide, but we can safely assume that everyone has to lie about his or her partner’s beauty, at one point or the other. I am not saying that’s wrong, but that is how it is.

Let us try to see different picture now.

Have you ever wondered, what is the difference between humans and animals? You may come up with a number of answers, but allow me to make a point here. Animals see the things as the things are. If there is food in front of them, they eat it. If they lust for another animal, they have sex. Man, on the other hand, would ignore his desire (which is the literal truth) and think of all the hypothetical values that have been shoved down his throat throughout his life. He would think of right and wrong, and accordingly make his choice.  But the fact remains, hunger was there, lust was there.

The biggest example is that of god. At this point, if you are a believer, do not pray for my well being, but listen to me for a moment. If there is god, where is he (or as the feminists say, she)? I know the debate is endless, but the fact remains, when I will put a gun against your head, and no matter how much you pray, it would only be I who could save your life. I know it will hurt you, dear believer. And it should. But, does that change anything? I think not.

But why did we create a society full of lies, and hypothetical creatures and values?

Just think. Would our race survive if we let go these values? I think you know the answer. Why do you think people don’t kill other people? May be they do, but not as often. It’s not because they are afraid of law, but in most cases, there is an inherent value that stops them from killing. There would be chaos if all these values disappeared all of a sudden. You may not fear the president of America, but you fear god, and that’s important. God was created so that we could survive. So yes, god is helping us, in a way.

And it’s not only god. Imagine, what would happen if people stopped working? There is every chance that the society will collapse, eventually. Now you know why they keep telling you that your work is important. And why we sing praises of heroes and worship them. It makes us dream to be a hero. Doesn’t it? And that’s how the life goes on and the society continues to flourish. You and I, that are nothing but a lump of flesh, do our duties, not because it’s important for us, but it’s important for mankind. Whether we accept it or not, but that’s how it is.

So, coming back to my habit of lying, I lie because I am human. In fact, that’s what makes me human.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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