The Narrowness of Being!

Let me tell you a story. When Raza learnt (from his washerman) that Aisha, his wife, had been committing adultery, it seemed like the end of the world. Ammi (Mother) said that he needed to get rid of the unfaithful. Sell her off in exchange for gold coins – she commanded. Raza hesitated. Ammi keptContinue reading “The Narrowness of Being!”

I’m in Imperfections

I see a broken wine bottle on the subway, and immediately, my heart starts to ache. It must have gone through a lot, I wonder. And now–does anyone care about it? Some curse it and call it insidious, but my aching heart tells me that its agonies are far worse. As I lay my eyesContinue reading “I’m in Imperfections”

I Am A Liar

Let me tell you something about myself: I am a compulsive liar. I lie for no reason. I lie all the time, every day. For example, if you ever meet me and ask ‘where are you going’, I will say anything but the real answer. It’s more fun, that way. Maybe because, truth is mostlyContinue reading “I Am A Liar”

An Elusive Place Called Happiness

A lot of people seem to believe that poor people are unhappy. Clearly, these people have no idea about poverty, or happiness for that matter. On the contrary, if you look at rich people’s lives, you will find that the richer you are, the more difficult it is to have a life of fulfilment. Especially,Continue reading “An Elusive Place Called Happiness”

मैं एक पौधा हूँ

मैं एक पौधा हूँ… मैं वृक्ष नहीं हूँ, प्रज्ञ हूँ, लगभग अदृश्य भी, किन्तु विशालकाय यक्ष नहीं हूँ. मैं तो सूक्ष्म हूँ, निर्बल हूँ, चंचल हूँ. हवा के तेज़ झोंको से, कंपकपाता हर पल हूँ. कितने प्राणी, कितनी लालसा, मैं तो सबसे डरता हूँ. भान है यथार्थ का, तभी तो निवेदन करता हूँ. न मैंContinue reading “मैं एक पौधा हूँ”

Are You Free?

Did you decide the school you first attended? Did you choose the sport you first played? Did you get a chance to pick your own fears and anxieties? Of course, you were small then. Which means, you were meant to be protected, but, I am more interested in knowing, what happened when you were noContinue reading “Are You Free?”

Life is short, make it worth…

When I was a kid, every time I got a new toy or a video game, I was electrified. I jumped around the house and celebrated the arrival of my new gift. And when I first touched the gift; the feeling was exhilarating. But, that was it. It was the highest point of happiness andContinue reading “Life is short, make it worth…”