Let’s Play with Words

Communism is an ideology, Nazism is an ideology, Hinduism is an ideology, and Islam is an ideology.

Let’s play with these words here. I am going to replace:

  • Islam with Communism
  • Hinduism with Nazism

Now, I am going to write a couple of news headlines for you:

Over 1000 Communists infected with Covid-19, account for 30% of all India cases after the virus spread in the Communist gathering. 

A Nazi chief-minister of a northern state of India attends a major celebration at a Nazi office. 

Just spend some time absorbing these headlines. Do they feel the same? Do they evoke the same emotions? Does it feel better or worse? Be honest with your answers.

Now, see people’s reactions to these two news headlines:

  • By calling them Communists, you’re spreading Communism-phobia. They were people. Human-beings.
  • What’s wrong in attending a celebration party at a Nazi office? If Communists can do that, why can’t Nazis?

See how sensible or senseless these reactions seem with our new set of words. Or do they feel the same? In either case, you decide.

In my view, words have an impact. Depending on what emotion a particular word evokes in our head, we react to a piece of information. That’s how we perceive and react. Even one substitution can change things.

However, I must say that these personal biases are neither good nor bad; they are only natural. So, instead of trying to get rid of them – which you won’t be able to – you must strive to identify and acknowledge them. And then weigh every new piece of information under the light of your own bias. Which is to accept that you are only able to see a small portion of the world with a limited view, and so is everybody else. And there is only way to move forward: by listening to each other. 

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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