You are a Houseplant

You are a houseplant.  This should be the starting point of every spiritual conversation, or the first thing one learns in life. Everything else comes after this. Yes, you are a houseplant. You grow out of a seed, then blossom into youth by feeding on the mother earth, and eventually get dissolved in the sameContinue reading “You are a Houseplant”

Why Do Most People Hate Liberals?

Why do most people hate Liberals? If you belong to this tribe, that’s not even a question. That is just wrong, you would say. We will come to that. Let me start with British journalist David Goodhart’s proposition: Anywheres Vs Somewheres. Anywheres are well educated, mobile and tend to view the world as a globalContinue reading “Why Do Most People Hate Liberals?”

The Myth of Secularism

Secularism is generally defined as the separation of state from church (or any other religious institution). In other words, the state will either stay neutral or favour/condemn all religions equally. As we shall see, this ideal is an impossible one to achieve. Let me explain with the help of an example. Consider a society whichContinue reading “The Myth of Secularism”

Is India a Thali, Dairy, or Khichdi?

There are as many ideas of India as there are Indians out there — and they are in plenty. But, as the legend has it, through constant churning of a vast ocean of ideas, we get two key perspectives which often stand against each other. The same happens when we discuss the idea of India.Continue reading “Is India a Thali, Dairy, or Khichdi?”