How I wrote my first novel – Sky beyond the clouds

October 2011 –Hi Tec City, Hyderabad – It was not the kind of Friday evening I was hoping for. Working in Deloitte was certainly a great feeling and most of the days had been marvelous so far. But this was not one of them. I was badly frustrated with my boss’s attitude, his unhealthy senseContinue reading “How I wrote my first novel – Sky beyond the clouds”

Happy Birthday Vikram Batra

7th July, 1999 – Point 4875 – Near Tiger Hills – Altitude 17000 feet Lieutenant Naveen is severely injured, finding it almost impossible to retaliate the counter attack made by the enemy troops. Indian Army has captured this point two days back but it is now that the enemies have come up with their forcefulness.Continue reading “Happy Birthday Vikram Batra”

What Is So Special About Military Life?

Tired from the routine work at office? Or complaining about the insensitive behavior shown by your boss? Or perhaps you are among the majority that never achieves work satisfaction. In all these cases, there is something that we (civilians) can learn from the military life. The key things to avoid the above mentioned problems areContinue reading “What Is So Special About Military Life?”