Long Lived Zara – My Next Book

Writing a blog post after a long time. Indeed. For the last year and a half, I have been working on a fantasy fiction – Long Lived Zara. The book is about an ancient fictional tribe – Hoti that is facing the terror of darkness, and the life of Zara and her struggle against theContinue reading “Long Lived Zara – My Next Book”

How I wrote my first novel – Sky beyond the clouds

October 2011 –Hi Tec City, Hyderabad – It was not the kind of Friday evening I was hoping for. Working in Deloitte was certainly a great feeling and most of the days had been marvelous so far. But this was not one of them. I was badly frustrated with my boss’s attitude, his unhealthy senseContinue reading “How I wrote my first novel – Sky beyond the clouds”

And I Almost Got Married…

She is sitting across the table and I am still trying to figure out how she would look like if she gets pregnant. In that case the baby inside the womb would appear more prominent than her. You could call her skinny but I assume some fat is also required for your survival. And IContinue reading “And I Almost Got Married…”

This is My Day !!

Dear people, You scream at me, you shout at me, and when I try to speak out something, you kick me, throw stones at me, or thrash me to display your bogus strength. Yes, I am a dog. So what? Do I do the same because you are humans and drastically different from me? DoContinue reading “This is My Day !!”