22 Survival Techniques for Day to Day Life

In our daily lives we come across a number of things that take our time. If we can apply some interesting logic there, we can not only save our time but also avoid the frustrations that we could face otherwise. Besides it’s a fun thing to learn. Here is a list of simple hacks andContinue reading “22 Survival Techniques for Day to Day Life”

Change Yourself With Body Language

Before you read any further, I have a small exercise for you. Force yourself to smile for a few seconds. Do that now. Now ask yourself – how did you feel? The most likely answer would be – Happy. Not many people are aware about this fact that our gestures, our body movements and ourContinue reading “Change Yourself With Body Language”

How Your Behavior Changes

Ever wondered why you behave in a certain way when you are alone, when you are with your friends and family, and when you meet strangers. Under different circumstances your actions and reactions change according to the surroundings. For example, when you are working at your office or any other formal environment you don’t behaveContinue reading “How Your Behavior Changes”