22 Survival Techniques for Day to Day Life

In our daily lives we come across a number of things that take our time. If we can apply some interesting logic there, we can not only save our time but also avoid the frustrations that we could face otherwise. Besides it’s a fun thing to learn. Here is a list of simple hacks and tricks that will help you in day to day struggles.

  1. If a chewing gum gets stuck on your shoes, do not worry. Rub some ice on it and remove it easily with a scrapper.
  2. If it’s itching because of a mosquito bite, apply hot spoon on the affected part for few seconds. The protein that causes itching gets destroyed with the heat.
  3. Telemarketers are troubling you? Then use this prank. Pick up the phone and say hello and ask them to stay on hold. Then go take a shower, enjoy your coffee and come back and say thank you but I am not interested. Most telemarketers are not allowed to hang up the phone until the conversation is completed. So, there you go. Troll them.
  4. Wikipedia is helpful but can be a complex source of information for many people. In that case replace “en” in the URL of the article with “simple” and you will find lesser complex article of the same topic.
  5. If you are buying something from Apple, add it to your shopping cart and do not purchase. Wait for few days until they offer you a discount.
  6. If you clear your internet history, chances are that you will get better discounts on travel websites like Expedia.
  7. While shopping, look for the items that are on the lower shelves. The expensive items are usually kept at eye levels and the cheaper ones on the lower shelves.
  8. Use baking soda along with your regular detergent powder. It freshens and softens the fabric.
  9. Speaking of washing the clothes, always dry them in sunlight. The sunlight has the ability to break down the compounds that cause foul odor in them.
  10. A lot of time a tab gets accidentally closed in your web browser. Press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen that tab.
  11. These are stress relieving foods – Bananas -Pasta -Almonds -Grapes -Green Tea -Oatmeal -Chocolate -Water melon -Orange Juice -Cornflakes -Tuna. Eat them whenever in stress.
  12. If you want to appear more attractive buy a better perfume instead of working on other things. People perceive you as attractive more through the fragrance rather than looks.
  13. Want to reopen an envelope without tearing it up? Put it in fridge for few minutes. It will automatically unseal the envelope.
  14. Force yourself to smile and your brain will assume that you are happy. It is a quick way to cheer you up.
  15. Yawning helps in releasing the stress. It cools down the brain and helps it to stay calm.
  16. If the weather is too hot, run your wrists under cold water for five to ten minutes. You will feel much better as it will cool your blood down.
  17. During a long speech, take a sip of water while recollecting the thoughts. It helps in effectively gathering the information without distracting audiences’ attention.
  18. While writing anything do not take break at the end of an article, a paragraph or page. Instead take a break at the beginning of a new one. That way you will be more excited to do the pending work.
  19. If you have to pee or smoke or take any other break while drinking in a bar, leave your coaster on top of your drink. It is the universal code for – “I am coming back.”
  20. Behavioral scientists suggest that it takes us 21 days to make or break a habit. If you can go on with a habit for 21 days, you can go on for a long long time.
  21. Trying to hiccup is one of the best ways to stop hiccups. The other ways are – stop breathing, keeping your tongue out for few seconds or touching the palate with your tongue.
  22. A number of pizza companies offer heavy discounts on the pizzas that were ordered but were not taken. Always ask for such discounted pizzas if you want to save money.

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