The Google Mania

It’s hard to imagine the world before Google. Perhaps tech historians will divide history into two categories: B.G. (Before Google) and A.G. (After Google). So we live in the year 12 A.G. These things are wonderful, to be sure, but there may be a dark side as well. That dark side my dear friends has made its even darker impact on my roomie MANISH. It was the winters of 2007 when the poignant guy’s life got the symbol of buoyant smiles with the hostel delivery of del LAPTOP. At that time i had no idea that this was going to be one of the most dramatic change in my friend’s life that will be remembered by the ages to come. I won’t tell the each and every day’s scenario, but i’ll mention two memorable instances which appear to be a fluffy comedy at times.


Final practical exam-basic electrical engineering : It was scheduled to be at 8:30 am , but the night before it, was like a night of getting deeper and deeper in to the world of internet and exploring the shells of it which remain unknown to normal people like you and me. The result was- Manish woke up at 9:30 and quite obviously the first and only word he said that morning was “o shit”. He got bad grades in the practical exam. Feel pity?? Don’t worry, he didn’t change, otherwise my story would have ended here.


How to be Cool: When you’re 18, very often you feel like doing something to get some sort of attention from opposite sex. That’s acceptable, but if you start using google engine to drive you on the highway of coolness, that’s more of idiotic behavior. Just after one month from the practical exam tragedy, I saw him searching “how to be cool” on . I didn’t say anything at that time but I was amused when he started implementing all those how to be cool tricks that the google search first page had told him. Infact he was so obsessed that not only he changed his hair style, dressing, etc but he also started displaying few weird techniques which at times really made me laugh. For instance, he started smiling like Tom Cruise, entering the room in a superhero style, wearing low butt(not low waist) jeans, hiding dairy products in inaccessible places, setting alarms for random times, repeating everything that someone says with a question, but the best one was when he learnt morse code he decided to have conversations with friends in public consisting entirely of “Beeeep, bip, bip, Beeep, bip…”

Does sound weird?? yes it is

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