What is love?

What is love? Is it in mother’s hug, when the child cries… Or in the child’s cries, if the mother dies?   What is love? Is it when a father holds the thumb, of his only child… Or when the child stumbles, when father is not, standing by his side?   What is love? Is itContinue reading “What is love?”

And the time stops there.

  From the dark grey sky, The rains fall, On the land that is dry. I stand alone on the lonely sphere, Think about nothing. And the time stops there.   When the deep blue ocean roars, In its vastness, My dream soars. I get strength from its flare, That waves possess. And the timeContinue reading “And the time stops there.”

The Two of Us

I was born somewhere, You were from other place. One day we discovered each other, And we found our solace. You were different, Different from who I was. When our eyes engaged, There was a brief pause. Two of us met, and Discovered a new world. In the dictionary of our language, Love was theContinue reading “The Two of Us”

If it wasn’t a valentine…

If it wasn’t a valentine, And just another day of our lives, Wouldn’t you still be mine…     If you were a star in the sky, Shining bright, Star next to you, would be I…   If we hadn’t met ever, Like the day and night, Everything else i could sever…   If youContinue reading “If it wasn’t a valentine…”

Love at First Sight…

As She walked by my side Unintended change was there,  in my stride… Gazed in to her wide open eyes, Was amused but appeared a fool i did realize… She smiled at me, i am not sure Why? I managed to smile, my face was sweaty my throat was dry… She came closer and  wavedContinue reading “Love at First Sight…”

Happy Rose Day

If the rose is white,reflects the purity and innocencelike the moonlight. If the rose is pink,indicates admiration and likingwithout any ink. If the rose is yellow,promises the friendshipto your best fellow. If the rose is orange,tells you have the desireand feelings so strange. and if the rose is red,defines the true lovethat you have alwaysContinue reading “Happy Rose Day”

She walked away

As she silently walked away Couldn’t discern anymore,  I was lost, couldn’t find my way I was going to lose her,  she silently confessed but she never realized, how much i was obsessed. Suddenly the world looked mournful, and to the world i appeared woebegone I tried to hide what i’ve been through but insideContinue reading “She walked away”

And I Turned Blue…

There was a time, when birds sang a song, “get up, get up, the day is not so long”. In the air, there was a fragrance, a fragrance of love, and of allegiance. The blush was magical, when the sun used to set; And when the rains poured, turned me perky, made me wet. Today when IContinue reading “And I Turned Blue…”

Thou Don’t Know

Had I been any infinite power, I would Have acquainted thou with it, or ere That thou art my heart, and for thee, I often fall, Heaven hadst decided to make thee, My soul. Thou hadst feelings for me since forever, Thou refused to be shy, Hath been before, how are our hearts allied, ThouContinue reading “Thou Don’t Know”