Is BackBenchers Society = Brilliant&Beautiful Society

Given an average or below average education system, the back benchers have a definite advantage over those who sit on the front benches.  When i make such a statement i should be able to justify it and i suppose i have enough reasons to justify. Before we directly jump to any conclusion or you start wondering “what’s wrong with this guy”, let me tell you few things upon which we all shall agree. In an average classroom, the two types of societies exist:One with the front benchers and other with those who sit at the back. Now where are the middle benchers? Some of them either fit in to the front benchers society or back benchers depending upon individual while the majority of them  observe all this happening in the classroom. I have been among those observers therefore i can tell how good they are at observing things and making judgments (mostly people related). But for the sake of simplicity i’d be restricted to two societies the front and the back benchers. 

The other thing that we shall agree is the fact that front benchers are generally sincere, follow what the teachers say and are good in academics. Back benchers?  Pretty much opposite. They lack sincerity, rarely follow the teacher and most of the times are bad in academics or at least with their scorecard. But again  these are very general observations and i can’t guarantee this will be true in each and every case but when we observe the trend it’s likely to be the same. Having facts or observations with us we can now do our analysis. Education itself includes so many things other than academics which help an individual to groom and contribute to society in the long run. 

So we shall discuss three important aspects which affect individual’s education and therefore his/her life:

1) The Education System: As i mentioned in the beginning i shall be talking about the average/below average education systems because that’s where the  majority of the people get their education from. When i talk about such an education system i suggest that teaching methodologies, the course content, the classroom learning environment and other activities are not practiced at a very good level. Sadly, most of the indian schools/colleges come under this category. For example the way history is being taught in most of our schools results in almost zero value addition. If you are just going to remember the facts, what will you learn at the end of the day? All those facts are already there in Wikipedia. What we need is the correct interpretation and understanding of those facts. Same applies to the law studies. In such an environment if you are sincere and blindly follow the teaching practices, you get in to different direction.  Therefore the sincere students get affected by the poor methodologies which they carry with themselves lifetime and they pass this way of teaching to the  next generation. On the other hand students who are little careless and rarely follow these practices are least affected.

2) Creativity or Innovation: Creativity is the biggest strength of backbenchers whereas all the good graders (again in a poor education system) certainly lack it. Creativity as they say requires out of the box thinking. It’s about imagination; it’s an art. Developing creativity in children/students remains a big challenge for any teacher and sadly again, in most of our schools/colleges nothing is being done to work on it. What we need to understand is  that the creativity and innovation are closely related. One has to be creative enough to come up with new ideas and innovations. This is an important reason why a country with a billion brains hasn’t come up with much of the innovation. The truth lies in the fact that our young minds do not aspire to create something new rather they are contended with work they are doing that is given to them. We might be having more number of software engineers but we don’t have google,  microsoft, yahoo, amazon, apple, ebay, youtube, facebook, netflix, wikipedia. Nothing!! And then they ask how did britishers rule us for years when the  ratio of british soldiers to indians was around 1:300. The truth is we are still the same. We love to follow, but we hardly take initiative to lead the world and that’s what our children are being taught. Coming back to the point, being a  backbencher and careless student you are never worried to follow everything what your teacher says or everything what book suggests. You have to be skeptic enough in order to come up with new ideas. We all are familiar with the way grades are being distributed in our education institutions. One has to please their teachers in order to get there. Those who are not concerned about the grades do what fascinates them most whether it’s gaming or internet surfing or anything else. This is the most important factor why they have advantage in the long run, because they are not confined to the paths showed to them by someone else. In real life problems, such people are most effective.

3) Hardwork: If someone asks me what is it that matters most to get success, i would say hardwork. Put brilliance, intelligence and all the intellect  on one side and hardwork on the other, hardwork will win over anything and  everything. But let me put it this way, What is more important- Hardwork or smart work. I am sure it needs no answer, it’s very obvious. Hardwork is very important but it helps only if you are in a right direction. For example  if you love to sing and then you practice for hours everyday continuously, it’s understandable. But if you love singing and you are studying 12 hours a  days for IIT-JEE preparation, it doesn’t make sense. Following your dreams and passions is very important and coming back to the point of innovation, it comes when you follow your passions and work accordingly. Working more is not important but the quality of work is important. Again if you see it in the context  of the two socities we have (i’m sure you’ve forgot them, i was so much deviated from the topic) front benchers are generally hardworking, whereas those at the back are reluctant to work more. That means backbenchers are generally lazy, but does it mean those who aren’t lazy are better? Certainly not. As Bill Gates said, if  there is difficult task, i choose a lazy fellow to do it, because the lazy people have the tendency to come up with easy solutions/ways to do a difficult job. This is absolutely true. I can say from my experience that backbenchers have this ability to come up with entirely different approach unlike the front row geniuses who are generally confined to planned way in order to solve a problem.

Having said all this, I would like to emphasize the fact that we all are different and we have different abilities or skills. It’s very important to understand  those abilities and work upon them. Instead of striving for grades, one should realize their dreams and work upon them. I would have been very happy if our teachers and other people had recognised the brilliance and talent of those who don’t score well in exams. There’s so much talent in the backbenches but no one hardly  cares about it. This is the sad part. If you are or you ever were a member of BackBencher Society, trust me you have that in you to do anything. As George W. Bush  once said, if you are an A grade student i would say well done, but if you are a C grader i would say-well, one day you could be the president of USA.

PS: I have a dream, the way people of this country think about the education and the way they practice it, will change one day.

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A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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