the idea of Education!

It’s a very common sight people talking about the next door kid being intelligent because she has scored highest marks in the class. Is this the only definition of intelligence? In our society, definitely yes. I have never seen in my life someone calling a person intelligent for any reason except academics. There are intelligentContinue reading “the idea of Education!”

Is BackBenchers Society = Brilliant&Beautiful Society

Given an average or below average education system, the back benchers have a definite advantage over those who sit on the front benches.  When i make such a statement i should be able to justify it and i suppose i have enough reasons to justify. Before we directly jump to any conclusion or you start wonderingContinue reading “Is BackBenchers Society = Brilliant&Beautiful Society”

Why not to be a Topper …

When I entered the college three years back, I wondered how life would be like if there’s no race of getting first, scoring more marks and becoming teachers favorite. How would it be like working as a team, sharing your knowledge with others and hence collectively producing good results. But my expectation was fallacious andContinue reading “Why not to be a Topper …”