20 things to do in college…

Note: If you have already lived through your college years, this post may not be of much relevance to you. But if you are yet to see the college life, or have some time left to be spent at college, then please continue to read. College is the place where you spend the most importantContinue reading “20 things to do in college…”

When do we learn?

Remember when we were little kids and the teacher asked us to complete the homework. Sometimes reluctantly, other times enthusiastically we finished it and got a distinctive relief. That was the time when we were not keen to study or learn. Or perhaps we were. But we learnt – quite a number of things. AndContinue reading “When do we learn?”

Is BackBenchers Society = Brilliant&Beautiful Society

Given an average or below average education system, the back benchers have a definite advantage over those who sit on the front benches.  When i make such a statement i should be able to justify it and i suppose i have enough reasons to justify. Before we directly jump to any conclusion or you start wonderingContinue reading “Is BackBenchers Society = Brilliant&Beautiful Society”