This is My Day !!

Dear people,

You scream at me, you shout at me, and when I try to speak out something, you kick me, throw stones at me, or thrash me to display your bogus strength. Yes, I am a dog. So what? Do I do the same because you are humans and drastically different from me? Do I say I am better than you? No, I don’t. Because I don’t believe in comparatives and superlatives. I can smell that some of you are already disagreeing without comprehending my points. But that’s all right. I am familiar with your bizarre disposition. I will still try to put forward my perspective and hope that you do get it this time.


I am loyal. I never admire backstabbing or being deceitful. You keep confessing you are good people and you don’t do bad things. Seriously? Havn’t u ever been disloyal – to your friends, family, strangers and least of all- creatures like me? Do you always tell the truth and never manipulate the facts to get the context in your favor? I can stand by my words for being truthful and trustworthy. Adherence to ethics in your case remains flawed – No matter you are Gandhi or Buddha. Of course your deceitful nature and your smart tactics had allowed you to get there, where you are today. And my breed was left behind. Because we chose love over prudence, honesty over deceiving and loyalty over backstabbing.

Your intelligence allows you to pass judgments on others. I have a question for you – How does your conscience allow you to do that? What someone else is doing, is none of your business – I have heard such philosophical quotations from some of you. Oh! I go that – you are the entities of philosophy, who stay far from practicality. What you say and what you do are in a Six Sigma harmony. That reminds me – some of you are capable of doing even bigger drama. Showing sympathy on us on social networking sites. Just by showing you are kindhearted, you do not become one. Moreover, I keep requesting you not to show your courtesy to me. But to your fellow humans. They need it more.

You take pride in your precocity and you say that you’re capable of doing smart things, which I unquestionably believe. But, what if I tell you that I understand everything and choose not to respond. Because I find you stupid. If you were intelligent you would treat everyone equally. And you don’t do that. For me everyone is equal. Myself, my family and even you. Don’t ask about cats. Else I will have to remind you about Darwin’s theory of evolution.

We have no complaints, but there are times when we feel frustrated about what you do. That’s all right, we don’t mind much. We will still forgive you, forget everything and hope that one day you will understand, you will grow mature and reasonable.


A Street Dog.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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