The Social Media Circus

“All the world is a circus, and all the men and women merely clowns.” ~ William Shakespeare   I read the quote as I stood outside the gate. Shakespeare? That does not sound right. “Welcome,” a voice caught my attention. It was the gatekeeper. “How much for the ticket?” The words came out compulsively. InContinue reading “The Social Media Circus”

This is My Day !!

Dear people, You scream at me, you shout at me, and when I try to speak out something, you kick me, throw stones at me, or thrash me to display your bogus strength. Yes, I am a dog. So what? Do I do the same because you are humans and drastically different from me? DoContinue reading “This is My Day !!”

Bombay To Goa – an altered story

The morning couldn’t have been any better when the Mandovi Express left the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The fresh air coming through the window also brought the hints of debris spread near the station. The Indian railway stations are well known for their unsanitary surroundings. And the interiors of the trains are equally bad if not worse, specially inContinue reading “Bombay To Goa – an altered story”