10 Symptoms of an IT Professional

IT (Information Technology) is a rampant disorder and the victims are often unaware about it. In the recent few years, it has affected millions of lives in India. Experts suggest that if not properly vaccinated, it will affect 30% of the Indian population by 2030. With its strong impact in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi or Mumbai, it is spreading across the smaller cities and even towns. It is the second most spoken language in Hyderabad, and third biggest religion. You can see how dreadful it can be, taking different forms. In order to spread the awareness, Indian government after seeing the proximity of elections, had taken an initiative to keep a check on it. They recently released a list of the symptoms of an IT professional to bring the awareness among the people. Below are those symptoms. Please check and ensure whether or not you are infected:

  • They suffer from No Code Only Load disorderIt is a state where their conscience knows that they are not coders, but everyone around them assumes that they are. In fact they have told this so many times, they feel the same superficially.
  • After a long day of work, when they get back to home and their spouse asks them – How was your day? They cannot remember anything else, except the laptop screen.
  • Their tummy is round, shoulders are down, and they seem to carry laptop bag with them all the time. There is a victim who carries it twenty fours with himself, even to places like washrooms, kitchen, and even on the bed while sleeping.
  • After gold and US Dollar, their salary is the most steady form of a particular currency.
  • They wear formal clothes to impress the clients with whom they converse over telephone.


IT Professional Satire By Deepak Rana

  • There is a feeling of restlessness, during and after the work. After smoking and drinking, they take the shelter of MBA to cure this disease. But the disease has intruded among MBAs as well.
  • There is a strong feeling of patriotism among IT professionals. It’s just out of ignorance, they serve USA better than they serve India.
  • They wear spectacles, talk in American accent (somewhat like Mallika), discuss important issues and act like the greatest intellectuals. It’s another matter that the rest of the world is not concerned about their opinions.
  • They think, speak and work with numbers. The title of this blog will give you a fair idea that the writer is also somewhat infected.
  • Never, ever in their lives, they say that the work is their passion and they are making any contribution to humanity. A laborer may say that, but they wouldn’t.

Important Note: It is not a communicable disease. If your friend is infected, you can touch them, eat with them and console them in this situation. They need it.

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3 thoughts on “10 Symptoms of an IT Professional

  1. Hah…that was hilarious! But are you sure it is not communicable? Everyone around me seems to be catching it! 😀


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