A Romantic Conversation


Well… Weather is a nice conversation starter, how is it doing at your place?

Excuse me… Do we even know each other?

Yes we do. I am someone who asked you about weather, and you being yourself, responded rudely.

That is so cliched. Should try it on someone else.

Now that is cliched. Every second girl I hit on, responds the same.

Trying to be smart?

If I were, I wouldn’t answer your question in affirmative.

Enough. Let me come to the point and ask you the reason of this pointless conversation.

Sure. Go ahead. Ask.

Huh… Who are you?

Interesting question. Needs some introspection. In the mean time, you can tell about yourself.

Me? I am a victim, who is trying to get out of a mess.

May I help you? But I would rather not. I would like to see how do you look – troubled and puzzled.

Have you seen me?

No I haven’t.

That makes us strangers.

Yes. Doesn’t every beautiful journey start with unexpected events and unknown people?

Why should I trust you?

For a conversation, I believe one does not need to build trust. It comes naturally.

Interesting. What if I say, I have already started to trust you?

I would say – I already know that. 

What else do you know?

I know that I have known you even before I knew that you existed.

And I have trusted you even before you knew me.

Why do you make me smile?

It’s not my fault. I got infected by you.

Can I tell you something – We have never seen each other, but I know you are beautiful.

Can I tell you something – It’s raining here, and as the rain drops touched my feet, they reminded me of you.

I wish I could say that. But everything is reminding me of you.

I am secretly hoping that everything you are saying is true.

And I am repeatedly checking whether this is a dream or reality…

Do you know what they say?


They say if it happens in a moment, like a shooting star, it’s love…

I think they are right.

You think so?


Me too.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

4 thoughts on “A Romantic Conversation

  1. Hey…I love your articles. And I love the fact that now they are coming so regularly. Waiting for tomorrow already 🙂


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