Why Do You Need To Fail?

1. When do you fail? When you allow yourself to make mistakes. Once you do that, you overcome the fear of being wrong and enter the realm of creativity.

2. People who fail, have experimented enough with their work. It gives them additional advantage while dealing in crisis situations. Those who have not faced any failure, may give up easily in similar circumstances.

3. If you have failed again and again, but didn’t give up and kept trying, you would have mastered the process that gives you distinguished advantage.


4. The earlier you get success, more learning opportunities you miss. It is a common human tendency to follow the success pattern and not experiment much after the success. That surely inhibits the personal and professional growth.

5. The fear of failure is gone. This is what keeps people away from taking risks, and work with more enthusiasm. Well, that is what takes you towards the success.

Having said that, I did not intend to convey that one should cherish their failure. They should get hurt, and rightly so. But in the mean time they will learn something that others won’t and later they can leverage that learning in to more meaningful results. The whole idea that I wanted to share was – do not get affected by results. Results are often beyond our control. However, failures give you a chance to improve yourself, become better, far better than you first expected to be. Do not miss that chance.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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