Fall In Love With Your Career

Imagine this:

One fine morning you wake up to a phone call. You say Hello, while you are half asleep but the voice immediately makes you alert. The call is from your lover. Not a bad start. But this time, he or she doesn’t wish you usual Good Morning or I love you, they have got to tell you something urgent. And the person says – “It is not working between us. May be, we should separate.”

Problem? Of course it is. Now think about it – Will your career ever say this to you? I think you know the answer. It won’t. That is why – you need to learn to love it.


In our day to day lives we forget to tell our career how much we love it, if we really do. We do not spend enough time and effort that it deserves. Quite often we do a poor job in nurturing it. But that is not a good practice. Career is not just a part of our life but a life in itself, which gives us strength and courage to live the life, explore our dreams and chase happiness. Doesn’t it serve the same purpose that various relationships do in our life? Let me explain how you will find a hint of every relationship in career.

Career is like a father. It’s not always gentle. It can be harsh too, forcing you to do certain things. But with time, you realize how important that strictness was. The discipline that you obtained through that strictness often takes you to the places. Career is like a mother. It takes care of you when you are in need. It shows you the way, holding your hand and loves you unconditionally.

Career is like a sibling. It fights with you, teases you, makes fun of you, but doesn’t leave you. It shares good and bad moments with you. Career is like a friend, whom you can rely upon all the time. It entertains you without expecting anything and helps you in all your troubles. It stands by you and shows faith in your abilities.

Career is like your baby and is equally innocent. It belongs to you. You conceive it, raise it with your own efforts and give it the desired shape. For so long, it remains dependent on you, and you feel joyful in nurturing it. When you see it fully grown and matured, you feel proud of it if you brought it up just the way you wanted to.

Career is like a true lover. It loves you and accepts you for you are. It walks with you at every step and never makes you feel that you are alone. It will make you smile, every day and some day you will realize how wonderful your life has been with its companionship. It’s just that, it won’t give you that awkward call as mentioned in the beginning.

It’s not late. The best part is, you can fall in love with your career anytime. It will accept you. And then, the real journey will begin.

Bon Voyage.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

2 thoughts on “Fall In Love With Your Career

  1. But a career can leave you. It leaves you if you do not devote yourself to learning and execution. It slips away from you if you don’t talk with and listen to your people.It becomes painful if you are intolerant. It becomes a burden if you work for the illusion of security(as in, out of fear). And it falls apart if you bring your emotional baggage into it.
    I think a career and a relationship are analogous in a way deeper than I can articulate. Both are meant to be fun. And I think the only emotion that you ought to associate with them is joy.
    Which is where I think the major hidden premise of your post is flawed.You have assumed that every person has to feel hurt when a relationship with his/her so ends. But then,consider the fact that happiness resides within a person’s mind.. it is a construct, which I think should be entirely controlled by the person himself. And if a person has no control over his ability to be happy, then how can he pursue it,in a career or a relationship?


    1. I believe you didn’t read it carefully. I have mentioned that career is like relationships. But the only difference is that – in case things go wrong with your lover, friend etc, you need to work it out both ways. But when it comes to career, it’s just you. You can give it any shape that you want. Your inferences were probably different.


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