Your Idea Is Not That Stupid

“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you.” ~ Steve Jobs The above quote speaks the reality of this world. We are often dazzled by the analysis that other people do about us and based on their poor judgments we perceive ourselves as rather moronicContinue reading “Your Idea Is Not That Stupid”

The Idea Of Happiness

So many times, people get obsessed with the thoughts of end results and they tend to disregard the real path to success and happiness. A friend of mine keeps telling me that if my novel clicks, I would become a star. I secretly laugh at his thoughts. Well, the world doesn’t work that way. WhatContinue reading “The Idea Of Happiness”

Why Do You Need To Fail?

1. When do you fail? When you allow yourself to make mistakes. Once you do that, you overcome the fear of being wrong and enter the realm of creativity. 2. People who fail, have experimented enough with their work. It gives them additional advantage while dealing in crisis situations. Those who have not faced anyContinue reading “Why Do You Need To Fail?”