Life is short, make it worth…

When I was a kid, every time I got a new toy or a video game, I was electrified. I jumped around the house and celebrated the arrival of my new gift. And when I first touched the gift; the feeling was exhilarating. But, that was it. It was the highest point of happiness andContinue reading “Life is short, make it worth…”

Fall In Love With Your Career

Imagine this: One fine morning you wake up to a phone call. You say Hello, while you are half asleep but the voice immediately makes you alert. The call is from your lover. Not a bad start. But this time, he or she doesn’t wish you usual Good Morning or I love you, they haveContinue reading “Fall In Love With Your Career”

When do we learn?

Remember when we were little kids and the teacher asked us to complete the homework. Sometimes reluctantly, other times enthusiastically we finished it and got a distinctive relief. That was the time when we were not keen to study or learn. Or perhaps we were. But we learnt – quite a number of things. AndContinue reading “When do we learn?”