Three Parrotriotics of India

When the three parrots saw each other for the first time they had little clue that they were supposed to be caged together. Pappu who was the youngest of all, was naïve and equally dull. He could not utter a single word by himself and only recapitulated what was told to him. When Shankar, the owner of the three parrots asked him – “What is your name?” Pappu replied – “What is your name?” The shopkeeper said that Pappu came from investigators’ family and was very smart. “Pappu has received his education from world’s best institute and he is intelligent enough to present a counter argument with his inquisitiveness. He will never answer your questions unless his questions are answered?” – the shopkeeper had said. But that day didn’t come. Even when Shankar told him all the answers, Pappu only repeated the answers and said nothing else. Shankar had realized now that he had been fooled. But it was not the first time for him. It had happened with him before, not once but twice.


Twenty years back Shankar bought his first parrot – Mohan. When Shankar went to the shop to purchase his first pet, he was very angry. His wife had eloped two days back and he was hoping to take the shelter of pets to get some comfort. But he couldn’t control his anger and started screaming in the shop. All the pets got terrified and ran away. Dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, lizards, porcupines – all left. Even the fishes hurled themselves blindly through the water. But Mohan stayed. And Shankar really liked that. Mohan kept gazing at him quietly and didn’t speak anything, as if his eyes were trying to bring peace on earth. Shankar was impressed and purchased him for a hefty price. Later that night when Shankar finally got in a good mood after watching unethical pictures, he tried to talk to Mohan, but the parrot didn’t respond. After repeated efforts, Shankar realized that the parrot was deaf and dumb.

Ten years later, Shankar looked for a change and therefore decided to buy another parrot. This time he preferred a parrot which didn’t remain silent but talked a lot. And so he found his blabber-mouthed parrot – Feku. The shopkeeper told Shankar that Feku knew anything and everything under the sky. Shankar tried to test him and asked – “Feku do you know me?”

“Yes I know you. You are the one who made a big mistake by purchasing Mohan, the dumb parrot. You should have known that earlier Mr. Shankar. Now don’t worry. I am here for you.” Feku said.

Shankar was flabbergasted. He had never seen such a wise non-human creature. He couldn’t wait and paid twice the amount that shopkeeper had asked for. Shankar knew that the parrot was going to answer all his questions. So he asked many. But Feku this time didn’t answer. He said – “Where is my solution guide?”

“What solution guide?”

“My master kept it for me. I only used to tell what he had written in it.”

It was a facepalm moment for Shankar. He decided to put all three parrots in the same cage and kept only small amount of food and water inside. Survival of the fittest – Shankar thought and went to sleep. When he woke up in the morning, all three were playing together and appeared healthy. Next day he did the same thing again. And the same result. It went on for a while until he realized that it was he who was getting weaker and it was he whom they were feeding on when he went to sleep. But the realization was so late that he couldn’t do anything else except waiting for his own end.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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