देशभक्त बनो बुड़बक

  Proud feel करो.   किसलिए?   किसलिए पूछते हो? मूर्ख, देश के लिए, और किसके लिए?   महात्मा गाँधी के लिए?   नहीं, वो तो मुसलमानो का चमचा था.   टैगोर?   अंग्रेजों का पिठलग्गु था वो…   नेहरू?   उसी के तो कीड़े हैं ये सब.   इंदिरा गाँधी?   पगला गए होContinue reading “देशभक्त बनो बुड़बक”

A Tribute to Rahul Gandhi

“I have a dream.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr. “Emotional baat kehna chahta hun… This morning, I got up at night.” ~ Rahul Gandhi. Never before in its history, Indian politics looked so amusing. It was mostly an abode of boredom, where dull people would walk in and talk about certain ‘political’ things which noContinue reading “A Tribute to Rahul Gandhi”

5 Lessons to Learn from Asaram Bapu Case

Asaram Bapu has long been a part of the controversies, but it was only a few days back when the first time, criminal charges were framed against him. No doubt he is a religious leader and when it comes to religious matters we are expected to show certain degree of reverence but the fact isContinue reading “5 Lessons to Learn from Asaram Bapu Case”

Three Parrotriotics of India

When the three parrots saw each other for the first time they had little clue that they were supposed to be caged together. Pappu who was the youngest of all, was naïve and equally dull. He could not utter a single word by himself and only recapitulated what was told to him. When Shankar, theContinue reading “Three Parrotriotics of India”

How Fair Is Our Reservation System?

Reservation – a term that has haunted almost every student of this country for so many years. Those who belong to the general category see it as a curse while the others relish it as a boon. But there is another side to this story. The reservation system also gives an excuse to the generalContinue reading “How Fair Is Our Reservation System?”

Chutnefying conversation of Indian Politicians

Narendra Modi: I have Charisma… To become next Prime Minister. Rahul Gandhi: I have Cars and I have Maa. Both Italian. SP and TMC: We are the wives of government, no matter which party comes into power. Nitish Kumar: If you give special quota to Bihar, I’ll be the Prime Minister of Bihar. Mayawati: SomebodyContinue reading “Chutnefying conversation of Indian Politicians”

Express Yourself, But Don’t Look at Me…

I remember the time when i was a kid- very shy and introvert. And people around me would encourage me to be more expressive. Few years later, i wasn’t shy anymore. This time people encouraged me to be more artistic. And now when i see the artists around me trying to express their thoughts, iContinue reading “Express Yourself, But Don’t Look at Me…”