To My Home State – Himachal Pradesh

Another sunset in the clamor of a big city and I ask myself what it would be like in the calmness of my home state. Where the life is slow and relaxed, or I find it so as I am most comfortable in the lap of tranquil hills. It’s the state where I find no reason to get in to any hurry but cherish the lovely colours and songs of the nature with all my senses. Himachal Pradesh is undoubtedly one of the finest places to live in.

Every state (or nation) has its own culture and customs which determine the kind of life one spends there. In case of Himachal Pradesh, the culture is extremely rich but at the same time flexible enough to accept the modern alterations, which adds more beauty to it. A large majority of Himachal’s population is Hindu, yet one will find a large number of local deities whom they worship along with other Hindu gods.


The state uses both Hindi and English language for the official purposes, although most of the people speak pahari dialects. The interesting thing is that the dialects change after every few kilometers and every district speaks a different one. In some cases the change is so huge that people from two different places within the state may not be able to understand each other’s words. Even inside a district you will find many variations in terms of the usage of words or the pronunciation of the same words. If India is a unity in diversity, so is Himachal Pradesh.

The quality of life in Himachal Pradesh is extremely soothed, which is the result of high literacy rate, decent economy and the availability of the basic necessities to everyone. Everyone lives such a comfortable life that most people from outside would be jealous of. The life in Himachal is itself a luxury and no other luxuries are required to achieve the highest levels of happiness.

A state so beautiful, so lovely, I feel proud to be a part of it and I carry the feeling of it within me, no matter where I go.

Published by Deepak Rana

A writer, a wanderer. Keeps dreaming and aspires to make them true.

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