To My Home State – Himachal Pradesh

Another sunset in the clamor of a big city and I ask myself what it would be like in the calmness of my home state. Where the life is slow and relaxed, or I find it so as I am most comfortable in the lap of tranquil hills. It’s the state where I find noContinue reading “To My Home State – Himachal Pradesh”

Unforgotten Indianness In Forgotten India

Quite recently, I have started noticing that most Indians have become over-conscious and over-enthusiastic about the whole idea of nationalism. If you mention United States, people would ask you to think about India first. Talk about your own state within India, they would tell you that India comes first and then the states. Even whenContinue reading “Unforgotten Indianness In Forgotten India”

The Essence of Indian Marriages

Marriages are considered to be one of the core traditions of Indian culture. Every time there’s a discussion on marriage, many people use traditions and culture as an argument to support the traditional mode of marriages, or even the arrange marriages. In this article, I will explain how the traditional marriages today are not thatContinue reading “The Essence of Indian Marriages”

A confounding culture – Bittersweet Indianness

The election fever is at its peak in my home state Himachal Pradesh. Luckily, I got some time to spend with local politicians and that helped me in getting meaningful insights of the election campaigns – in simple words – how to market an individual or a party and increase the vote share. I alsoContinue reading “A confounding culture – Bittersweet Indianness”