देशभक्त बनो बुड़बक

  Proud feel करो.   किसलिए?   किसलिए पूछते हो? मूर्ख, देश के लिए, और किसके लिए?   महात्मा गाँधी के लिए?   नहीं, वो तो मुसलमानो का चमचा था.   टैगोर?   अंग्रेजों का पिठलग्गु था वो…   नेहरू?   उसी के तो कीड़े हैं ये सब.   इंदिरा गाँधी?   पगला गए होContinue reading “देशभक्त बनो बुड़बक”

The Essence of Indian Marriages

Marriages are considered to be one of the core traditions of Indian culture. Every time there’s a discussion on marriage, many people use traditions and culture as an argument to support the traditional mode of marriages, or even the arrange marriages. In this article, I will explain how the traditional marriages today are not thatContinue reading “The Essence of Indian Marriages”

A Suicide Note

Dear world, I hope this letter finds you well. I will be gone and will no longer be a part of you. Nevertheless you have to move on. You never stop, for anyone, and you shouldn’t. For all that I know, you don’t care about anyone. The problem is – I did. Probably that isContinue reading “A Suicide Note”

Oh! Womaniya

There are two types of men – those who harass women, and those who silently witness the act of the former. This statement may appear too feminist but it makes a lot of sense in the kind of society we live in. In fact we have got so accustomed to this male dominating society, thatContinue reading “Oh! Womaniya”

THE HIDDEN TEARS- from the diary of a school girl… !

The alarm bell rang at 6:00 am. I am trying to get out of bed but that’s almost impossible. I love to sleep in the morning hours. The last minute sleep is wonderful. I have started to hate morning walks. Not because that i have to get up early but the simple fact that everContinue reading “THE HIDDEN TEARS- from the diary of a school girl… !”