I’m in Imperfections

I see a broken wine bottle on the subway, and immediately, my heart starts to ache. It must have gone through a lot, I wonder. And now–does anyone care about it? Some curse it and call it insidious, but my aching heart tells me that its agonies are far worse. As I lay my eyesContinue reading “I’m in Imperfections”

A Song for Readers

Note: Say it aloud. In fact, sing it. Then go back to reading.   Why do we read? We read, because, once upon a time, When we were small, and the world looked tall. Yes, once upon a time… when solo-ride was a crime. Once upon a time, at that precise time, a story wasContinue reading “A Song for Readers”

मैं एक पौधा हूँ

मैं एक पौधा हूँ… मैं वृक्ष नहीं हूँ, प्रज्ञ हूँ, लगभग अदृश्य भी, किन्तु विशालकाय यक्ष नहीं हूँ. मैं तो सूक्ष्म हूँ, निर्बल हूँ, चंचल हूँ. हवा के तेज़ झोंको से, कंपकपाता हर पल हूँ. कितने प्राणी, कितनी लालसा, मैं तो सबसे डरता हूँ. भान है यथार्थ का, तभी तो निवेदन करता हूँ. न मैंContinue reading “मैं एक पौधा हूँ”

Our Obsession with Perfection

Beauty and perfection cannot go together. Think about the things or people you love the most. Do you love the fact that they are perfect in every sense or do you cherish the little (imperfect) things that only they have and no one else? You know the answer, don’t you? However, in the modern times,Continue reading “Our Obsession with Perfection”

What is love?

What is love? Is it in mother’s hug, when the child cries… Or in the child’s cries, if the mother dies?   What is love? Is it when a father holds the thumb, of his only child… Or when the child stumbles, when father is not, standing by his side?   What is love? Is itContinue reading “What is love?”

I Am Yours and You Are Mine

He whistled. It was not the usual whistle that he blew to sing his favorite Kishore Kumar songs, with melody, romance, and emotions in the right proportions. It was a harsh one. The melody was missing completely and the tone was as inappropriate as the words of a newborn baby. No one including him hadContinue reading “I Am Yours and You Are Mine”

From Your Old Lover

It’s still a matter of joy to go out for a walk, even though I can barely walk. I need help for the slightest of tasks. Today when I walked in to our café, a young boy had to open the door for me. I was dismayed to see how things had changed. Remember whenContinue reading “From Your Old Lover”

Being a Lover – How tough is that?

How many times do we hear – Love is overrated. I feel amused when so many young boys and girls express the agony of their break ups by saying – Love doesn’t exist, Being friends is better than lovers, Relationships suck … and there are many more. On the contrary, I believe it’s the most challenging role.Continue reading “Being a Lover – How tough is that?”