An Unending Love Story

The rain has come again. This time the drops are tumultuous, unlike the first time I saw you; they followed a melodious song back then. Drenched in the raindrops, struggling to hold your umbrella upright, you were tittering and trying to make your way forward. I gaped at you for a while and the firstContinue reading “An Unending Love Story”

Good Things Happen In Kashmir

It was a tough morning for someone like me who had never been a morning person. I could be one, had mornings started at 11. But it was 6 am. And instead of lying unconscious  on my comfortable bed, where I belonged, I was somewhere else. I was sitting on a worn leather seat, rightContinue reading “Good Things Happen In Kashmir”

From Your Old Lover

It’s still a matter of joy to go out for a walk, even though I can barely walk. I need help for the slightest of tasks. Today when I walked in to our café, a young boy had to open the door for me. I was dismayed to see how things had changed. Remember whenContinue reading “From Your Old Lover”

Love at First Sight…

As She walked by my side Unintended change was there,  in my stride… Gazed in to her wide open eyes, Was amused but appeared a fool i did realize… She smiled at me, i am not sure Why? I managed to smile, my face was sweaty my throat was dry… She came closer and  wavedContinue reading “Love at First Sight…”