Angrezi and the Indians

Most of us are often awed by English speaking people – a trait that many Indians share. And if the fluency and accent is appropriate, that awe often gets converted in to worship. Why don’t people appreciate it when a person shows eloquence in Hindi, Urdu or even Punjabi? A question i keep asking myself.Continue reading “Angrezi and the Indians”

A confounding culture – Bittersweet Indianness

The election fever is at its peak in my home state Himachal Pradesh. Luckily, I got some time to spend with local politicians and that helped me in getting meaningful insights of the election campaigns – in simple words – how to market an individual or a party and increase the vote share. I alsoContinue reading “A confounding culture – Bittersweet Indianness”

Express Yourself, But Don’t Look at Me…

I remember the time when i was a kid- very shy and introvert. And people around me would encourage me to be more expressive. Few years later, i wasn’t shy anymore. This time people encouraged me to be more artistic. And now when i see the artists around me trying to express their thoughts, iContinue reading “Express Yourself, But Don’t Look at Me…”

the idea of Education!

It’s a very common sight people talking about the next door kid being intelligent because she has scored highest marks in the class. Is this the only definition of intelligence? In our society, definitely yes. I have never seen in my life someone calling a person intelligent for any reason except academics. There are intelligentContinue reading “the idea of Education!”

Why work doesn’t happen at work place ?

Ever since i joined the corporate world, i was amazed to see the increased happiness level on Fridays and depression everywhere on Mondays. I wonder if Amitabh Bacchan starts his Mondays in a similar unenthusiastic way or Sachin Tendulkar starts a new series with a spoiled mood. The question is- Do our professionals have thatContinue reading “Why work doesn’t happen at work place ?”

India: the desi tadka

This is a simple post; i am writing this from the observations that i made here and there. I am listing down the ten funny things about India or the Indians: The Americans feel insecure about their education when they compare it with India. They have one MIT in Massachusetts; We have MIT in everyContinue reading “India: the desi tadka”

Few things Indians really need to know . . .

We live in the information age and the one who has more information has a definite advantage in this world. However it becomes a challenge to filter out the rumors and hoaxes from the true information, specially when you receive so many emails, sms, or you browse though internet and read all the stuff inContinue reading “Few things Indians really need to know . . .”

Is BackBenchers Society = Brilliant&Beautiful Society

Given an average or below average education system, the back benchers have a definite advantage over those who sit on the front benches.  When i make such a statement i should be able to justify it and i suppose i have enough reasons to justify. Before we directly jump to any conclusion or you start wonderingContinue reading “Is BackBenchers Society = Brilliant&Beautiful Society”

No one is working ; is it Social Networking ?

As i sat and put my pen to the paper, I just closed my facebook page; musing on a status which says “A” is in a relationship and it’s complicated with some twenty odd likes and even more comments from B, C, …Z (even A) They say facebook is the most popular website; i preferContinue reading “No one is working ; is it Social Networking ?”


July 22, 2007… I still remember that day when i first entered NIT Kurukshetra. It was sunday afternoon and temperature was up around 42 degree; No wonder i was sweating like a pig. As i entered in my room in Hostel-3, i saw three gentlemen(first yearites) sitting on the floor and enjoying the puff ofContinue reading “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD IT WAS !!”

It happened one evening

It was the one of the beautiful winter evenings with slight drizzles (which is rare in a place like kurukshetra) and i was having coffee in the market. Sipping the coffee and looking at the shadowy sky, i saw a plane(not the real one but the paper plane) travelling through the wind. It was oneContinue reading “It happened one evening”

The Google Mania

It’s hard to imagine the world before Google. Perhaps tech historians will divide history into two categories: B.G. (Before Google) and A.G. (After Google). So we live in the year 12 A.G. These things are wonderful, to be sure, but there may be a dark side as well. That dark side my dear friends hasContinue reading “The Google Mania”

Diversity…Celebrate it Everyday

I consider myself very lucky to join National Institute of Technology(Kurukshetra) before 2008. The reason is definitely not academics, but the culture that I saw at NIT. Before 2008, we had state quota in NITs, so I got a chance to meet the students from all corners of India with different backgrounds, speaking different languagesContinue reading “Diversity…Celebrate it Everyday”

Why not to be a Topper …

When I entered the college three years back, I wondered how life would be like if there’s no race of getting first, scoring more marks and becoming teachers favorite. How would it be like working as a team, sharing your knowledge with others and hence collectively producing good results. But my expectation was fallacious andContinue reading “Why not to be a Topper …”